Sunday, November 4, 2007

Get a totally toned body like deepika padukone

Want an enviable figure like Deepika Padukone? The actress is all bony and slim but doesn’t look anorexic. So, follow these workouts and diet plan to get an extremely well toned body like Deepika.


Nutritionist K.L.P. Priyanka of Fitness One Studios says, a balanced diet, with adequate protein is essential. Good protein, which is different from high protein, is present in all animal sources, milk, meat, chicken and fish. Vegetarians get their complete protein from a combo of dal and rice. Other protein rich food includes lentils, rajma, channa, sprouts, dal, gram, channa dal, mushrooms.

Cut out refined carbs like maida completely from your diet. Instead eat whole-wheat atta, unpolished rice, ragi, bajra.

Have whole fruits and lots of liquids such as buttermilk, tender coconut, protein shakes, and fruit juices like guava, apple and unsweetened fresh lime. It gives you clear skin and tone.

It is necessary to religiously follow a balanced diet, exercise routine and stress relieving techniques like yoga for a totally toned body.


When it comes to workout, many women have a misconception that weight training makes you look muscular. But in reality, it tones your arms, gives your muscles a tight and flexible look.

Personal Trainer of Fitness One Studios, Chennai, Emanuel says: The point is not working yourself to exhaustion, which does more damage to the body than good. The point is working out correctly and intensely. You should never workout for more than an hour at a stretch.

First, warm up, stretch nicely and get into your schedule. Your schedule, if you are starting out should include circuit training (for all six muscle groups — shoulders, legs, chest, back, biceps, triceps) on alternate days and high intensity cardio and abs on the other days. Cardio should include cycling, walking, running, and treadmill. Among ab exercises, try out the different variations of crunches, leg raises and lateral raises.
Ideally you will have a six-day schedule and one day for rest and recovery.

As you progress, move to concentrating on weights for the muscle groups.

After warming up and doing the stretching exercies, you must do 20 minutes of cardio after which you get into weight training for 40 minutes. Cool down and stretch. This minimises chances of injury.

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